The Process

Lifetime Legacy Productions videos are outstanding in the industry. Our interviews are never scripted. Due to our insightful dialogue, tight editing and exceptional creative skills, we deliver distinctive and memorable legacy films that you and your family will delight in for years to come.


  • Schedule interview dates and time.
  • Determine appropriate legacy interview & package.
  • Review policies.
  • Complete preliminary interview to establish background and questioning process while on camera.


Lifetime Legacy Productions relies on spontaneous conversations during the interviews. Doing so evokes genuine, heart-felt emotions, fresh responses and timeless storylines. We pride ourselves on listening carefully, asking open-ended questions, and uncovering–and capturing forever–what makes your narrative so special!

  • Complete interviews (1 1/2 hours to 3 hours) on location.
  • ZorroFilm your story in your own words, never with an outside narrator.
  • For legacy videos including b-roll (candid filming of subject involved in personal activities i.e. gardening, playing with children, walking dog, etc.), limited travel is included.
  • We incorporate all relevant supportive materials including photographs, documents, newspaper clippings, VHS home movies, etc., to be used in the film.


Man and WomanLifetime Legacy Productions combine the supportive material, filmed interview(s), b-roll (when applicable), and any archival footage.

  • Unique Creation: We carefully edit your storyline using effective transitions, titles, special video & audio effects, chapters & music in conjunction with supportive materials to create your one-of-a-kind movie for you and your family to enjoy.
  • Lead Time: Please allow approximately 2 months production time due to our unparalleled production process.
  • Final Review: You are notified when your legacy video is completed. At that time you are given access to a proofed copy of your film on our website with two weeks to review.
  • Complimentary DVD: Subsequently, we create a custom-printed DVD, DVD case with custom-printed insert and copies.

Sample Clips

Lifetime Legacy Productions