Lifetime Legacy Productions LLC incorporates the following:

  • Filmed interviews of you telling your life story
  • Photographs, documents, newspaper clippings, VHS home movies
  • Archival photo research
  • Complimentary DVD with the following:
    • Music, Custom opening, titles, transitions, audio and visual effects, custom menus & chapters.
    • Custom-printed DVD.DVD case with custom-printed insert.
    • Five copies of completed program.

Use of the complementary legacy video is only for your personal viewing. Reproduction or publication of the DVD is strictly prohibited. Posting to your personal Facebook page, other personal social networking platforms, publishing to YouTube or other video platforms is prohibited.

By interview date please gather, label, and arrange all supplementary materials (such as photographs, slides, home movies, etc.). Please provide us three possible interview dates when you return the signed contract.

There is no charge for travel within the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio area. If travel is required, travel fees will be assessed accordingly.

We value your time. Please be so kind as value ours. For interviews within Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio area, you will need to cancel/reschedule 48 hours in advance or you will be charged a $100 fee. For interviews beyond Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio, you will need to cancel/reschedule 7 days in advance or you will be charged a $100 fee.

Group Shot

Lifetime Legacy Productions LLC warrants that the production shall cost no more than the grand total listed on said budget without your prior written consent. You reserve the right to increase the budget at any time after budget approval.

Lifetime Legacy Productions LLC insures to provide a finished version of your legacy video and return to you all supplementary materials to you within a reasonable time frame.

Lifetime Legacy Productions